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Kristina is a bonne vivante that has been a maker since a very young age. Her current creative adventure is block printing, but she finds artistic inspiration in all things paper and textile (especially if it is shimmery!). After being published in 1000 Designer Greetings, she was in love with creating for others. She offers mixed media one-of-a kind hand crafted prints and 3D objects made for retail and private commissions. Services include one-on-one and small group art & craft workshops and consultations.

With business management experience in travel, design, and higher ed, she is process oriented, but her ideas originate from her family's cultural traditions, observations made while visiting other countries, and a fascination with the mystical.

She grew up in MN, and later lived in Boston, Paris, and Taipei, and came back to the Twin Cities with her husband and daughter. Currently they all live in the greater St. Paul area with their 2 snuggly cats.


You can find her prints in the retail space at